Relaxation Therapy

Need some “me” time?
Feel like you’re about to explode

This style of massage relaxes tension in the body, calms the mind, and releases stress. Utilizing lighter flowing techniques, these sessions are a great option for those new to massage and for those with mild generalized aches or high stress.

Come in for one of these targeted relaxation sessions.


Short on time?
This massage takes care of two of the most requested trouble spots. Enjoy a tension busting neck massage followed by a massage of the feet.

30 minutes $40

Back on Track

Oh! My aching back!
Try this targeted session designed to relax those sore back muscles and turn that “oh” into “aahhh.”

30 minutes $40

For Feet’s Sake

On your feet all day?
Relax those tired achy feet with this massage of the lower legs and feet.

30 minutes $40

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