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Rehabilitative Therapy

Have chronic aches and pains?
Massage is a wonderful option to compliment your existing pain treatment plan.

Rehabilitative Therapy is targeted bodywork designed to provide relief to areas of chronic discomfort. It is intended to be used in conjunction with your pain management regimen to reduce your pain and help you move towards a healthier lifestyle. Please note: These sessions are not traditional full body massages.

Medical release is needed for all clients under a doctors care. If you have questions, please contact me prior to booking your session.

Choose from one of the options below to begin your treatment plan.

Headache, Migraine, and TMJ Pain

Chronic tension headaches and migraines can be debilitating and an interruption to your everyday life. While learning your triggers is key to relief, releasing muscular tension also plays an important role in reducing the frequency and intensity of tension headaches and migraines.

TMJ pain is no day in the park. I encourage you to work with your dental provider to search for underlying conditions since there are many causes to rule out, but you should also discuss muscular issues as a factor that could be contributing to your pain. Relaxing muscular tensions could help reduce your symptoms and provide a better quality of life.

60 minutes $80

Neck Pain and Whiplash Recovery Therapy

Neck pain is the number one complaint I hear from my clients. Many have had whiplash, other history of injury, or are simply falling prey to poor postural habits. These clients work with neurologists, chiropractors, or other healthcare providers to find relief depending on their unique condition, but also find even better results when regular bodywork is added to their treatment plan.

60 minutes $80

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