Using Your FSA/HSA Card

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How to Use Your Benefits

Follow these steps:

1. Check with your FSA/HSA provider to see if massage and bodywork services are covered under your plan using code 8099 for Medical Services & Health Practitioners. If so, get the details of what is covered, what is needed to cover your treatment, and how they would like you to submit any required receipts.

2. Get a prescription from your physician for massage.  The prescription must include:

 – Medical Necessity –  For example: treat tension headaches

 – Frequency – For example: 2 massages per month

 – Duration – For example: 3 months

3. Make an appointment for a Medical Massage.

4. Bring a copy of your prescription to your appointment, but keep the original and file it away in case you need it for validation with your plan carrier.

5. After your session you will be emailed a receipt that will include this information:

 – Date of Service
 – Name of Provider
 – Description of Service
 – Cost of Service (what you paid)

∗If there are other things your FSA/HSA carrier needs in order to use your card, please let me know BEFORE you book your appointment. In South Carolina, licensed massage therapists are licensed independently under the State Massage/Bodywork Therapy Board and are not licensed as medical professionals like a doctor would be. As such, I may not be able to provide all of the needed information your carrier requires. I cannot guarantee acceptance by your carrier. Services rendered are still expected to be paid and any disputes or refunds owed to your plan will have to be handled between you and your plan carrier.