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5 Stars

Grace has a soothing massage touch and the cupping takes this massage to another level! Her massage meditation was exactly the relaxation I was looking for.

~ Maria P.

Finally! Someone that listens to me, gives a great massage, AND it’s effective on my pain! I’ve tried several other places in the Aiken/Augusta area. The others all but completely ignored what I told them and the massages felt as if they had no clue as to what to do beyond rubbing on the lotion. Grace gives the best therapeutic massage around. Worth every penny and then some!

~ Deb M.

Grace is knowledgeable, attentive, thorough and an expert in the type of clinical massage that she provides. Each visit seems to lead to further healing and I’m so grateful. She educates me and helps me learn about cause-and-effect related to my treatment needs. Very professional and yet personable. 

~ Sallie

Happy tears! I’ve had chronic pain for the last 3 years. Part of it is from migraines and teeth clenching, but mainly from a car wreck 3 years ago where I was diagnosed with whiplash. After reviewing my history and the treatments I had already tried, Grace suggested that there were some missing pieces that could help me. She told me about massage on the front of my neck and approaching my jaw pain by massaging from the inside of my mouth. I was hesitant, but she assured me if it were too uncomfortable, she would stop, so I agreed. I can honestly say that the taste of surgical gloves wasn’t great and the massage on the front of my neck felt odd, but WOW the relief! My migraines are far and few between and the pain from my car wreck is gone. Thank you!

~ Beth S.

An amazing experience! I got very relaxed.

~ Tie

Grace is the best! She was genuinely interested in my concerns and addressing each area I mentioned. I’m definitely going to be back. 

~ Donna N.

Highly recommend!! – Unique approach to massage, incorporates various tools, which provides relief to those “problem” areas – Personalizes her technique, in order to meet client’s specific needs – Highly knowledgeable and passionate about her work.

~ Lauren

I just want to thank you so much. I feel so relaxed and my muscles seem to finally be at ease. God has blessed you with gracious hands. You can rest assured that I will be a return customer. I was praying one day to somehow get some kind of relief and He answered me. Have a blessed day!

~ Anonymous Email Review

I had never had a massage before, so I was a little nervous. Immediately upon meeting Grace, she was smiling and inviting and helped put my mind at ease. We spoke about my health and concerns and she gave me with a “run through” of what to expect. During the massage she made sure I was comfortable and told me if I was uncomfortable in any way to tell her and she would make adjustments. My favorite parts were my face and the back of my neck.

~ Patricia L.

Grace always provides great service. I’m so glad she is back in Aiken!

~ Jill

Great session. Tried some cupping, love it. Definitely different than an average massage, and was much better than massages I’ve gotten before. The cups felt intense at first in some areas but not painful and Grace asked me for feedback during the cupping part so it didn’t get to be too much for me. Will be going back! Also, I get cold easily so the heated table was really nice.

~ Anonymous MassageBook Review

Came in for back and hip pain. My back felt immediately better, my hip was a bit sore but it felt great by the next morning. Will be setting up monthly massages, more as needed. Space was clean and professional. Grace took time to review my health history and was very professional.

~ Duane P.

I never did massages before til I started take martial arts my muscles became tight and knotted. I loved the Swedish made me so relaxed and the deep tissue was just awesome when she hits that knotted muscle it hurts but in a good way. I also tried the cupping enjoyed that a lot… …I highly recommend Grace for those painful muscle aches and pains and the Swedish massage for just stress relief of every day life.

~ Sharon S.

I began receiving massages from Grace when she was still in massage school and continued to see her when she started working in Aiken. It didn’t matter if I just needed to relax or if my pain was flaring up, she always provided relief. I’m moving so I will miss her, but I will be sure to book an appointment when I’m in town!

~ Elle S.

It was a great relaxing experience. Did a great job in relaxing my tight aching muscles.

~ Sharon

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