Thanks for visiting Bloom Bodyworks.

We are pleased to announce that Bloom is evolving. For quite some time now we have been diligently working towards our ultimate dream, a studio dedicated to chronic pain relief. That day is finally approaching and with these changes comes a new name:
Unboxed Bodywork.

We will be stepping away from our unique blend of therapeutic massage and dedicating ourselves to clinical and medical based bodywork that is targeted towards relieving the root cause of pain. If you’re seeking a nice laid back relaxing massage, this will be the worst massage you could ask for. Our new treatments are mostly clothed with you actively participating in your healing process. You may be on a mat, on a table, seated or standing and you will be asked to do certain movements while therapy is applied based on your unique needs.
If you are ready to start the process to improving your pain levels and taking back your life, then stay tuned.

Our new website is under renovation and we aren’t currently accepting new clients, but when we are ready, you can find us here: